How We Met

It was a Tuesday afternoon in June of 2013.

C.J. noticed a girl in Office Depot on his way in, but she was on her way out.  Unfortunately they did not make contact.

After C.J. left, he went to Publix.  Strangely, he parked right next to the girl from Office Depot!  She was on her phone, so he went into the store ahead of her.

Meanwhile, Genevieve was on the phone with her close friend Shelby, and told her about this guy she saw in Office Depot, who was now at Publix.  Shelby said she would disown Genevieve if she did not go up to the guy, which Genevieve did not want to do.

C.J. saw Genevieve walking around the store, but she was still on her phone.  He decided to continue looking for items on his shopping list.

While in the produce section, Genevieve bumped her cart into C.J.’s and asked if he was following her!

The rest is history.

Also, Shelby is now a Bridesmaid.