The Proposal


How it happened:

C.J. surprised Genevieve in April on her 30th birthday with a trip to Cape Town, South Africa for New Year’s.

In the following months, C.J. was looking for the one ring (to rule them all), and was able to find the perfect ring with the help of Chuck (his father).  Once C.J. got the ring, it became a mission to keep it a secret, as Genevieve is a quite cunning detective.

C.J. stored the ring at his parent’s house, and thought up diversions with Ruth (Genevieve’s mother) and Roseann (C.J.’s Mother) to throw Genevieve off the scent. By the time we got to South Africa, we were fairly certain Genevieve would be surprised.

With the help of our family friend Sherwin and his staff at the Table Bay Hotel, C.J., Ruth and Jonathan (Genevieve’s Step-Father) organized the surprise. Sherwin and his staff prepared every detail to make the night amazing and beyond special for the both of us.

After enjoying the hotel’s wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, just after midnight, with bagpipes playing, and fireworks lighting up the sky, C.J. dropped to one knee and proposed to Genevieve.



 **Just in case anyone is wondering, C.J. did ask Anton and Ruth for permission to take Genevieve’s hand. Score one for chivalry.